Conference Venue

PSGEC & WIDPE 2022 will be held in Novotel Atlantis Shanghai, Shanghai, China 中国·上海·海神诺富特大酒店.

Address: 728 Pudong Dadao, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 上海市浦东新区浦东大道728号


联系人Sales Manager:刘经理 Manager Liu

联系方式 Tel:13585934604
(Reporting conference short name "PSGEC 2022 on for reservation could be enjoyed discounted price 订房时报会议信息“ PSGEC 2022" 即可享受会议协议价)

酒店房间协议价Discounted price for participants of PSGEC 2022 conference:
Double-bed Room: RMB 500 (including breakfast); Single-bed Room: RMB 500 (including breakfast)